About School


Prim Buds Garden school is a learner-centric institutions that is intended to identify and develop unique potentials of each student to face the challenges of life. Prim Buds school was started in the year 2015 with a clear determination to provide quality education and a meaningful learning experience in a safe, secure thought-provoking global environment. The School is managed by Guru Krupha Charitable Trust with the desire to connect students, teachers, parents and the environment continuously in all aspect for the development of the self and the society. Prim Buds motivate every student to develop their self-confidence and flexibility along with academics to develop themselves as responsible, ethical and caring human being.

 Our teaching-learning philosophy is based on creating an eloquent teaching and joyful learning platform through a mixture of intellectual stimulation, co-curricular programmes, active community participation and relevant global exposure with equal opportunities to all students. Prim Buds is marching forward with confidence by imparting qualitative education to its students. Learning is no longer restricted to the text book but a process whereby the child enjoys knowledge acquisition. In Prim Buds School, every child has a complete freedom and liberty to enjoy the joy of learning. Our schools give every child with multiple opportunities to expand their dreams and showcase his or her talents. The school provides a platform where students are encouraged to develop social skills and learn to utilize them. That’s why we say, Prim Buds school is “A place to learn – chance to play” and ensuring the students are “Ready for the world, Ready for the future”.