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Excellent pre-school..!

The staffs, in particular, are fantastic and put lots of efforts in preparing activities and handling kids. My son always comes home with a great smile and with the smiley batches which shows how they encourage the kids to learn and enjoy more of good things. We really thank a ton to Prim Buds school.

A tremendous behavioural change..!

We entered Prim Buds with some hesitation. But, we noticed a tremendous change in my son’s behavior and his interest in studies. Prim Buds team observes student's mind and brings out their ability through their excellent teaching methods. We congrats the management for best direction, maintenance and educating all the students in a very right way.

Social and Academic improvements in short time..!

I am so happy to see my son grow strong with moral values, good behaviour, coming home with happy face. He also asks us to listen to rhymes, stories taught in the school. I thank all the staff members and management for putting effort for every child to follow basic life principles inside school, home and in outside world.

Shaped my kid into a strong, bold, intelligent girl..!

We handed over my child as fresh clay to Prim Buds school. I was amazed to see the change. The school shaped my kid into a strong, bold, intelligent girl. My daughter makes us laugh and feel satisfied when she asks us to send her to school even on holidays. The school assessment about my daughter’s development, strength and weakness identification is really wonderful. Thanks a lot to the school in many aspects.